How to Transfer a Domain Away from Google?
Published: 16 Sep, 2023



In the dynamic realm of the internet, change is inevitable, and adapting to it is crucial. On June 15, 2023, a significant transition began with Squarespace's announcement of its intent to acquire domain registrations and customer accounts from Google Domains. This shift has generated questions and concerns among domain owners. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the details of this transition, providing you with a deep understanding of the process, its implications for you, and the steps to execute a smooth domain transfer. From the introductory concepts to the intricate technicalities, this guide will cover it all.


Table of Contents:


1. Understanding the Transition

  1. Google's Agreement with Squarespace
  2. Squarespace's Intent and Its Implications
  3. What Led to This Transition

2. Impact on Your Google Domains Account

  1. No Immediate Changes
  2. Becoming a Squarespace Customer
  3. The Fate of New Domain Registrations
  4. How Existing Domain Owners Are Affected

3. What Happens to Your Domain?

  1. Different Scenarios: Direct and Google Workspace Purchases
  2. Uninterrupted Domain Functionality
  3. Squarespace's Management Console
  4. How to Access and Control Your Domain

4. Google Workspace and G Suite Services

  1. Changes in Billing and Support
  2. Transition Period for Customer Data Migration
  3. Impact on Direct Workspace Subscriptions
  4. Options for Google Workspace Users

5. Your Role in the Transition

  1. No Immediate Action Required
  2. Timeline and Details
  3. The Importance of Staying Informed
  4. Assistance and Support from Squarespace

6. Privacy and Policy Considerations

  1. Squarespace's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  2. Transition's Effect on Data Governance
  3. Domain Transfer Options and Data Security
  4. Ensuring Data Privacy and Compliance

7. Ensuring Smooth Billing Data Transition

  1. Secure Migration of Billing Data
  2. PCI-Compliant Payment Processing
  3. Protecting Your Financial Information
  4. Squarespace's Commitment to Data Security

8. Exploring Alternatives

  1. Retaining Your Freedom to Choose
  2. Transferring Your Domain to Other Registrars
  3. Evaluating Different Registrar Options
  4. How to Initiate a Domain Transfer

9. Conclusion

  1. Embracing Change in the Digital Landscape
  2. The Transition as an Opportunity for Growth
  3. Staying Informed and Adapting to New Policies
  4. Empowering Domain Owners to Make Informed Decisions


1. Understanding the Transition

The transition from Google Domains to Squarespace's is a significant change in the domain registration landscape. To comprehend this transition better, let's delve into the key aspects that define it.

Google's Agreement with Squarespace:

On June 15, 2023, Google entered into a definitive agreement with Squarespace, a well-known website-building and hosting platform. Under this agreement, Squarespace's expressed its intent to acquire all domain registrations and associated customer accounts from Google Domains. This move signifies a strategic shift in the domain services industry.

Squarespace's Intent and Its Implications:

Squarespace's intent to acquire domain registrations has far-reaching implications. As a Squarespace customer, you will experience changes in how your domain is managed, billed, and supported. Understanding Squarespace's 's vision and objectives in this transition is crucial to navigate the changes effectively.

What Led to This Transition:

Exploring the motivations behind this transition provides valuable context. Squarespace's interest in expanding its domain services and Google's strategic decision to focus on other core offerings contributed to the agreement. As a result, domain owners are now part of this transformative process.


2. Impact on Your Google Domains Account

With the transition underway, it's essential to grasp how it directly impacts your Google Domains account. Let's explore what changes and what remains the same.

No Immediate Changes:

The first reassuring aspect to note is that there are no immediate changes to your Google Domains account. You can continue managing your domain(s) as usual while the transition progresses. This period of continuity allows you to adapt gradually.

Becoming a Squarespace's Customer:

One of the fundamental changes is that you've become a customer of Squarespace's . This shift involves the ownership and management of your domain account, a process that will unfold over time. Your domain, while under Squarespace's 's umbrella, retains its functionality and accessibility.

The Fate of New Domain Registrations:

Google Domains will no longer offer new domain registrations. If you're looking to acquire a new domain, it's recommended to explore alternatives like Hostinger, Namecheap, or NameSilo, which offer competitive services.

How Existing Domain Owners Are Affected:

Existing domain owners will experience a smooth transition, with their domain name registration and DNS delegation remaining unaffected. After the migration to Squarespace's , you'll gain access to Squarespace's 's management console, simplifying domain administration.


3. What Happens to Your Domain?

The fate of your domain hinges on how you initially acquired it. This section explores the different scenarios that unfold as a result of the transition.

Different Scenarios: Direct and Google Workspace Purchases:

The transition's impact varies depending on whether you purchased your domain directly from Google Domains or as part of the Google Workspace sign-up flow. Understanding these distinctions is vital for a smooth transition.

Uninterrupted Domain Functionality:

Regardless of how you obtained your domain, its functionality remains uninterrupted. Your domain name registration and DNS delegation will continue to work seamlessly. The transition's goal is to enhance your domain management experience.

Squarespace's 's Management Console:

Upon migration to Squarespace's , you'll have access to their user-friendly management console. This platform simplifies domain administration, making it easier to configure settings and manage additional services associated with your domain.

How to Access and Control Your Domain:

Accessing and controlling your domain is a straightforward process under Squarespace's . They provide the tools and resources necessary to ensure a smooth transition. Rest assured that you'll retain control over your domain throughout the process.


4. Google Workspace and G Suite Services

As a domain owner, you may also be using Google Workspace or G Suite services. This section outlines the changes and considerations related to these services during the transition.

Changes in Billing and Support:

With the completion of the transaction between Google and Squarespace's , your billing and support services for Google Workspace, including G Suite subscriptions that were previously billed by Google Domains, will now be managed by Squarespace's . This shift streamlines billing processes and ensures consistent support.

Transition Period for Customer Data Migration:

To facilitate a smooth transition, there will be a transition period during which customer and billing information will be migrated from Google Domains to Squarespace's . This process will be carefully managed to minimize disruptions to your services.

Impact on Direct Workspace Subscriptions:

If you have a direct Google Workspace subscription, this transition does not impact it. Your Workspace services will continue as usual, billed directly by Google Workspace, or through any other reseller you may have chosen.

Options for Google Workspace Users: Google Workspace users have the flexibility to continue using these services as they did before. The transition primarily impacts domain management and billing, ensuring minimal disturbance to your productivity tools.


5. Your Role in the Transition

During this transition, you might wonder about your role and responsibilities. This section clarifies what you need to do and what to expect.

No Immediate Action Required:

At this stage, there is no immediate action required on your part. You can continue to manage your domain(s) at Google Domains until they are officially transitioned to Squarespace's . The transition period offers a buffer during which you can adapt gradually.

Timeline and Details:

Further details and guidance will be provided to you when the transition time approaches. Google Domains and Squarespace's are committed to making the process as seamless as possible. Any necessary actions or decisions will be communicated clearly.

The Importance of Staying Informed:

Staying informed about the transition and its implications is crucial. While no immediate action is needed, having a clear understanding of the process ensures a smooth experience. Updates and information will be readily available to assist you.

Assistance and Support from Squarespace's :

Squarespace's is dedicated to providing assistance and support throughout the transition. They aim to make the process hassle-free, and their team will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Your satisfaction and confidence in the transition are a top priority.


6. Privacy and Policy Considerations

During this transition, it's vital to consider the privacy and policy implications. This section explores the key aspects of this transition that affect data governance and privacy.

Squarespace's 's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:

As your domain account moves to Squarespace's , their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will become binding and enforceable. These policies govern how your data is handled under the new management. Reviewing these policies is advisable to understand your rights and responsibilities.

Transition's Effect on Data Governance:

The transition also has implications for data governance. Your data, particularly as it relates to your domain and associated services, will be subject to Squarespace's 's policies and practices. Ensuring alignment with these policies is essential for a smooth transition.

Domain Transfer Options and Data Security:

If you decide to explore alternative registrars or transfer your domain elsewhere, understanding the domain transfer options and the associated data security measures is crucial. Each registrar may have its policies and practices in place.

Ensuring Data Privacy and Compliance:

Throughout the transition, data privacy and compliance will remain a priority. Squarespace's is committed to safeguarding your data and ensuring it complies with relevant regulations. Your data's security is paramount during this process.


7. Ensuring Smooth Billing Data Transition

The transition includes the secure migration of billing data to Squarespace's . This section delves into the measures in place to protect your financial information.

Secure Migration of Billing Data:

Your encrypted billing data will be securely migrated to Squarespace's , where applicable. This process prioritizes data security and confidentiality, ensuring that your financial information remains protected.

PCI-Compliant Payment Processing:

Squarespace's follows PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards for payment processing. This compliance ensures that your payment data is handled according to industry best practices and security standards, providing peace of mind during the transition.

Protecting Your Financial Information:

Squarespace's 's commitment to data security extends to protecting your financial information. The transition process is designed to minimize risks and vulnerabilities, safeguarding your sensitive data.

Squarespace's 's Commitment to Data Security: Rest assured that Squarespace's places a high premium on data security. They have robust systems and protocols in place to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your billing data throughout the transition.


8. Exploring Alternatives

While the transition brings changes, it doesn't limit your choices. This section emphasizes your freedom to explore alternative registrars if Squarespace's doesn't align with your preferences.

Retaining Your Freedom to Choose:

The transition doesn't diminish your ability to choose a registrar that suits your needs best. You maintain the freedom to make decisions about your domain's future.

Transferring Your Domain to Other Registrars:

If you prefer to explore alternatives, you can initiate a domain transfer to other registrars. This process allows you to select a registrar that aligns with your specific requirements and preferences.

Evaluating Different Registrar Options:

Hostinger, Namecheap, and NameSilo are viable alternatives worth considering. Each of these registrars offers a range of domain-related services and a user-friendly platform for managing your domain effectively.

How to Initiate a Domain Transfer:

If you decide to transfer your domain to another registrar, the process typically involves steps like unlocking your domain, obtaining an authorization code, and initiating the transfer with your chosen registrar. This option ensures that you retain control over your domain's destiny.


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9. Conclusion

The transition from Google Domains to Squarespace's represents a significant shift in the domain registration landscape. While it introduces change, it also presents opportunities for growth and adaptability in managing your online presence. Embrace this transition as an opportunity to realign your digital assets with your evolving needs. Whether you choose to continue with Squarespace's or explore alternative registrars like NamecheapHostinger or NameSilo, remember that you retain control over your online presence. This transition serves as a reminder that the digital landscape is dynamic, and change is inevitable. Staying informed, adapting to new policies, and making informed decisions empower you as a domain owner to navigate these changes effectively. Embrace this transition as a step forward in your journey through the ever-evolving digital world.